End of the Semester Photos

1. Texture/Composition Photos
A. Under My Skin
B. Kansoz
C. Directional Awareness

2. High Contrast [Architecture] Photos
Little Brother is Watching

3.Architectural Detail Photos
A. His Justice is Mud
B. To the "T"

4. Flight Photos
A. Fly Pretties, Fly
B. Freedom

5. High Contrast [Street] Photos
A. Lemon&Lime
B. Sly

6. Self Portrait Photos
A. Death
B. MyGlasses

7. Mash Up Photo
Gnome Fountain

8. Halloween [substitute]
*Working on the Actual assignment

9. Street Trash [absent]
A. Metal Clouds
B. Street Patriotism

10. 50 Photo Collage
Non existant at the Moment

11. Particles
A. Meander
B. Selective Prisms


Water in the Air Photos :D2

1. Intentional Handicap
2. Swmmingly Horrid
3. Daring to Endure
4. Seriously Serious

Water in the Air Photos :D

The moisture in the air blurs the backgrounds.
1. Vanity Addict
2. Valid Sunlight
3. Established Pornography
4. TattleTell
5. Misty in the Sun


The LIGHT! It burns!

"I don't sing words." ~Jacquie Mobely

5 different light sources:

(starting top left, clockwise to middle).

1.Floresant Light bulb

2. flash, no other light

3. energy wise light bulb

4. flash andfloresant light bulb

5. Infored light bulb



Tarty & Delish!