End of the Semester Photos

1. Texture/Composition Photos
A. Under My Skin
B. Kansoz
C. Directional Awareness

2. High Contrast [Architecture] Photos
Little Brother is Watching

3.Architectural Detail Photos
A. His Justice is Mud
B. To the "T"

4. Flight Photos
A. Fly Pretties, Fly
B. Freedom

5. High Contrast [Street] Photos
A. Lemon&Lime
B. Sly

6. Self Portrait Photos
A. Death
B. MyGlasses

7. Mash Up Photo
Gnome Fountain

8. Halloween [substitute]
*Working on the Actual assignment

9. Street Trash [absent]
A. Metal Clouds
B. Street Patriotism

10. 50 Photo Collage
Non existant at the Moment

11. Particles
A. Meander
B. Selective Prisms


Water in the Air Photos :D2

1. Intentional Handicap
2. Swmmingly Horrid
3. Daring to Endure
4. Seriously Serious

Water in the Air Photos :D

The moisture in the air blurs the backgrounds.
1. Vanity Addict
2. Valid Sunlight
3. Established Pornography
4. TattleTell
5. Misty in the Sun